Flood Damage Mitigation

You should not consider flood preparation and mitigation as an afterthought even if you live in an area that is not at high risk of flooding. Almost 25% of all flood insurance claims come from areas not in the high-risk category. Flooding is an expensive natural disaster across the country so you should know your options when it comes to mitigating the risk and protecting your asset.

What Are Flood Mitigation Services?

Flood mitigation involves managing and controlling floodwaters. By putting certain measures in place you are reducing or eliminating flood risk exposure.

It can be difficult to determine if or how you should put a flood mitigation plan in place. The best solution is to hire the flood mitigation experts at Expert House Movers. We are trained to help you evaluate how best to mitigate the risk of flooding in your home and on your property, in addition to advising you on the best ways to redirect floodwaters when they are present.

The most effective means of flood mitigation, bar none, is house lifting. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests building your home above the base flood elevation for an area, which is the anticipated level of flooding. If your house already lies below that level, you can lift it to or above the minimum effective threshold.

Flood Mitigation Management

We provide your home with effective stormwater management and flood defense to mitigate stormwater management emergencies.

Flood Mitigation Strategies

Here at Expert House Movers, we are familiar with the damaging effect of floods. This is why we explore a wide range of flood mitigating strategies that can be deployed to safeguard lives and properties. When called upon, we offer a fast response service as well as a complete assessment of the area. Based on the assessment report, we can develop the right flood mitigation strategies that meet the needs of our clients.

Some of the common flood mitigation strategies that can be deployed include;

Flood Barrier

Flood barriers are removable flood control products that can be deployed as soon as there is a flood warning in an area. Perfect for flood-prone areas, the barriers are designed to provide protection strong enough to hold the water on one side of the wall and prevent its entry into the other side of the wall. A flood barrier is versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial flood mitigation needs.

When choosing flood barriers, clients will be presented with the three main types as well as all of the relevant information they need to know. The three main types of flood barriers include aluminum flood barriers, composite flood barriers, and self-closing flood barriers. Note that each type has its pros and cons. To make a perfect decision, one would have to consider these pros and cons in relation to the specific needs. In addition, specific measurements of the affected area can also help to streamline the final choice.

Flood barriers or flood gates are ideal for riverbanks, coastal areas, residential areas that are prone to flood, agricultural lands, harbors, loading entryways, and more.

Flood Gates

Another flood mitigation product is a flood gate. Flood gates offer dependable flood mitigation protection while also helping property owners to maximize space and access availability. Our team of flood mitigation specialists can advise clients on the use of flood gates as well as tailor-made customization that provides better access while also improving overall protection. Rest assured that our team will offer you all the information that is needed to help you make the right decision.

Why You Should Choose Our Flood Mitigation Experts

Rapid Response

When dealing with actual floods, there is no time to waste. We force communication with you so as to develop and implement a unique and customized solution – fast!

Work With a Team of Professionals

Here at Expert House Mover, we have a team that is trained, skilled, and experienced in all areas of flood mitigation strategies. We understand the negative impact of a flood and we offer solutions that keep your home and properties safe from these damages. You can rest assured that our team will carry you along with the process and offer information that you need to know at all steps during the project.

Customer Service

One of the distinct advantages you will enjoy working with us is our customer service. We take pride in keeping customers happy and we offer constant communications to address client questions and concerns. we get started fast and try our best to deliver solutions within the allotted time frame.

Quality Results

We offer premium quality flood mitigation strategies that offer you peace of mind and protection from flood disasters.

Flood Mitigation Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Mitigate Floods?

There are different forms of mitigating flood, including floodgates, floodwalls/seawalls, evacuation routes, and levees. Asides from these structural flood mitigation solutions, other non-structural solutions like property buyouts, elevated structures, permanent relocation, subdivision, zoning, and building codes only reduce the extent of damage by removing people and properties from areas at risk.

What Are the 3 Methods of Flood Control?

There are different methods of flood control, some dating back to ancient times. Some commonly used flood control methods include planting vegetation to retain extra water, construction of floodways or man-made channels to divert floodwater away from properties, and terracing hillsides to slow flow downhill.

What Is a Flood Control Structure?

Flood structures are a structural attempt to mitigate the effect of floods. They are designed to protect river banks and coastal areas, including economically valuable areas, agricultural communities, urban areas, and homes.

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