Structural Elevation & Lifting by Expert House Movers

When it comes to structural lifting, Expert House Movers has the superior knowledge that will deliver you with a home that fits all of your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Choosing us for your elevation projects means that we will do the entire job from the design and planning stage right up to the day you walk into your newly renovated home.

Over years of raising homes, we have developed a top-rate process using the latest technologies in structural lifting that our team will employ. These methods ensure that the entire building lifts even and steady, keeping cracked finishes to a minimum and supporting the entire structure while we build a foundation underneath.

We performed hundreds of building moves and house lifting projects and our services are professional, reliable, and quality-assured. Expert House Movers can raise homes, in an efficient manner using a variety of proven techniques that we customize to your home.

How our structural elevation techniques benefit you

Expert House Movers use a method of house lifting that is less invasive than traditional lifting techniques. The home is never disconnected from its foundation or moved from its existing footprint. Therefore, the risks generally associated with house lifting and moving are greatly reduced.

Homeowners are not required to vacate their home for months on end like with regular home renovation projects. Homeowners will only need to vacate for one to two weeks rather than months.

Our house lifting system offers a secure foundation which gives you peace-of-mind on windy days with greater “sway mitigation” than homes elevated with other methods.

What is structural elevation & house lifting?

House lifting is when the entire structure of a home is vertically lifted above the flood elevation. This can be done either by elevating a basement or taking off the roof and building up.

During the house lifting process, the risk of damage to the home’s structure is minimal. However, during the actual lifting process, the residents are not permitted inside the home as a safety precaution. The contents in the interior of the home are not disturbed so the lifting process does not require you to move any of your belongings or furnishings.

Structural elevation is often used to protect homes from flood damage but there are many reasons that homeowners may choose to lift their homes.

Why lift a home or building?

To protect your home from flood damage

One of the most common reasons to elevate your home or building is to comply with flood elevation standards and protect yourself, your home, and your investment from natural disasters. Structural elevation involves lifting the home off its existing foundation or slab and either building a new foundation or extending the existing foundation higher.

When a home is elevated properly, the main living space should then sit above most flood levels. The elevation technique used may depend on the base flood elevation requirements and local zoning requirements. It becomes necessary then to check with your local building officials before you rebuild in a moderate to high-risk flood area.

Whether you need to lift a structure a few inches or several feet, we can handle the project with care and ease with a process that has been refined over years of experience.

Lift your home and build under it

Did you know that you can raise your home and add a story under it? Sometimes rather than building up or out, it makes more sense to elevate your home and build an addition beneath it.

If you want to add a story to your home but you don’t have the time or money to remove and rebuild the roof, we can raise your current structure, allowing you to build underneath it. This method requires less cleaning and remodeling than when you choose to build up. We can elevate the existing structure to just above the new desired height (typically between 9-12 feet).

Whether your home or building is brick or siding, we can handle the project, creating a seamless transition between the old and the new. A new wood floor system is built on the existing foundation walls and the exterior frame walls are set into place.

Add room to your basement or crawlspace

If your basement has a low ceiling or you want to have more room to convert a crawlspace, you will have to either lower the basement floor or raise your home. When we lower the basement floor, we start by supporting your house where it is and then excavate underneath it so that we can build down.

But when raising the home, we elevate it to give you the desired head space in your basement area or to convert a crawl space into a full basement. 

This could be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the square footage of your home with some customers saving 60-70% more than if they had built out. Another reason to consider raising your house is if you have limited yard space and want to keep your exterior area intact.

Avoid moving

If you love your existing home and neighborhood but require more of your home than it currently offers, upgrade it to match your lifestyle by expanding it with our services.

This allows you to not only accommodate a growing family or add a rental suite for extra income, but it also helps to avoid all the costs that come with selling your current home and purchasing a newer one.

Commercial lifting

Does your business need more space? Why not build up by lifting the roof and adding extra height? Whether you own a residential-style building, an office space, or a large warehouse, we have the top-notch tools and methods to lift your roof to soaring heights.

The Cost Associated with Lifting VS Insurance Over Time

There are many reasons to elevate a home, the most prevalent of which is to reduce the risk of flooding and flood insurance policy rates. It also helps to maintain the community as it preserves property tax revenues which support schools and government operations, infrastructure, and public safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a structural lift?

A. A structural lift is used for house lifting. House lifting involves separating the building or house from its foundation and moving it temporarily with hydraulic screw jacks. This entire process is the initial step in relocating the structure and moving it to a different location.

Q. How do you lift a house off its foundation?
A. You need professional contractors to lift the structure from your home’s foundation. The contractor will have to dig trenches at different intervals in the foundation. Once the trenches are ready, the I-beams are lowered into the trenches and below the floor framing. Sometimes, the contractor will also have to dig holes for lifting the jacks back up.

Q. Is house lifting safe?
A. House lifting is a safe practice, provided it is done by a professional. Professional contractors have years of experience in this kind of work and will complete it without any hassles. Not only is house lifting safe, but cost-effective also. It helps you save money and time that you would have to otherwise invest in buying a new home.

Ready to get started?

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