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Expert House Movers install helical and push piers to solve foundation settlement problems caused by unsuitable soil conditions. We provide strong and reliable systems for repairing heavy industrial, commercial, and residential foundations. We are proud of our expertise and know that your property will benefit from our decades of experience . If your building’s foundation is in need of review or repair, please contact our experts today.

Flood Mitigation

We know how devastating a flood can be which is why we work with homeowners to develop reliable and long-lasting flood mitigation. We will consult your need to prescribe any combination services, including consulting for insurance needs, to make sure that you are protected with paperwork and preventative measures to keep your structure out of the flood.  


Expert House Movers re-position buildings on or off site. We assess the building, property, and transit route to the new location in order to determine a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to relocate your structure intact.  No matter the reason for moving your structure, you can trust the experienced and trained crew at Expert House Movers to solve your specific needs.


At Expert House Movers, we know that every piece of property is unique, not to mention the specific qualities of your structure.  We work with property owners to customize a solution no matter if your home is historic, industrial, or residential.  We can and will lift it. Expert House Movers provides cost-conscious, time-sensitive solutions to raise wood-framed, masonry, or steel and glass homes off various existing foundations onto new foundations. 

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Why Expert House Movers?

Big or Small…
We Do it All….

Big or Small…
We Do it All….

Specializing in Elevating, Moving, Shoring and Leveling Structures in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Beyond! #experthousemovers #elevation #moving #nomoreflood

We Pride Ourselves On:

  • Being eco friendly
  • Honesty and loyalty
  • Being fair on pricing
  • A stellar safety history
  • Being experts in the field
  • Using the best equipment
  • Preserving historical buildings
  • Enough steel reserves for any job

Structural Lifting & Moving Specialists

  • House Movers
  • Custom Projects
  • Masonry Buildings
  • Large Historic Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Structural Lifting for Foundation Replacement or Repair
  • Large & Heavy Equipment Relocation
  • Structural Supporting & Shoring Projects

Client Reviews

Their team was punctual, kind, and professional

“For most of us, moving a house is a once-in-a-lifetime task, and naturally the logistics can be overwhelming. I was fortunate to have been referred to Expert House Movers, because once they were involved all my worries melted away. They knew exactly what to do and their rate was better than I expected. Their team was punctual, kind, and professional. I spent only a few hours with them but they treated me like a good friend from the get-go. I’ll always remember that they stepped up for our community when we needed to save a historic building. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Joe G.



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